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Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson

DATE FINISHED: June 22nd, 2012 

RATED: ****

SYNOPSIS:  Orphaned Silver is apprenticed to lighthousekeeper Pew, and in the darkness of the lighthouse she finds stories hang in the air like seaspray. From Pew she learns about Babel Dark, the minister son of the man who built the lighthouse, and his own haunted tale of love and duality. And eventually Silver follows the trail to find a love of her own.

THOUGHTS:  Winterson’s musical prose weaves back and forth through time, painting vivid pictures of darkness and light, past and present but avoiding extraneous detail: a watercolour wash of dreamlike images. Read more of this post


The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

DATE FINISHED: June 12th, 2012 (unfinished)


SYNOPSIS:  Tom turns to the solitary life of a lighthouse keeper as a way of dealing with the horrors he experienced in the war.  His newly-acquired feisty young wife embraces life on the tiny island – but as she suffers a succession of miscarriages, her brightness fades.  When one day a boat washes ashore containing nothing but a dead man and a tiny, crying baby, it does not take long for Isabel to convince her husband that keeping the child as their own is a good idea.  All changes, however, when they discover that the mother of the baby is alive and well…

THOUGHTS:  I don’t usually review books I have not finished reading, but having read over halfway in this one, I feel it is reasonable to offer an opinion. Read more of this post

The Seas by Samantha Hunt

DATE FINISHED: March 24th, 2011

RATED: ****

SYNOPSIS: The unnamed narrator believes she is a mermaid.  She is also in love with war-damaged Jude who holds himself apart from her.  According to legend, the mortal who will not marry a mermaid will be killed.  She does not want to kill Jude, but words have a way of winning…

THOUGHTS: Read more of this post