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Sulphuric Acid by Amelie Nothomb

DATE FINISHED: April 18th, 2011

RATED: *** (3.5)

SYNOPSIS: A large number of people are randomly incarcerated and their lives in a specially created death camp are televised for the viewing public in the latest reality TV project: working all day long, surviving on gruel and stale bread, prisoners are daily condemned to death. Inmate Pannonique captures the imagination of the public and camp alike but does she have the power to put an end to the insane project?

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The Ape House by Sara Gruen

DATE FINISHED: April 8th, 2011


SYNOPSIS: Isabel has been working with a group of Bonobo chimpanzees on a pioneering language acquisition project (the chimps have learned to communicate using sign language).  Shortly after the lab is blown up (apparently by animal rights activists), the chimps first disappear then become stars of their own reality TV show.  Journalist John who met the chimps the day before the explosion is as determined as Isabel to find out the truth of what happened but regardless of the truth, Isabel is equally determined to rescue the stolen chimps.

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The Second Coming by John Niven

DATE FINISHED: April 7th, 2011


SYNOPSIS: God has been on a fishing trip, and when he gets back he’s more than a little pissed off to see the horrors that have been inflicted on the world & humanity in his absence.  Jesus is therefore sent back to earth to rectify some of the damage, and decides that the best way to reach the most people is to compete in America’s most popular TV talent show.

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