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Ceremony of Innocence by James D. Forman

DATE FINISHED: August 31st, 2011


SYNOPSIS:  Hans and Sophie are arrested by the Gestapo after disseminating leaflets they have written denouncing Hitler and Nazi Germany.  Will Hans recant and confess to wrongdoing, or are he and his sister destined to become martyrs for their cause?  Based on a true story.

THOUGHTS:  Perhaps because it is based on the lives of existing historical figures, the characters in this short (young adult?) novel never actually feel very fleshed out or easy to relate to.   Read more of this post


I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb

DATE FINISHED: March 21st, 2011

RATED: *** (3.5)

SYNOPSIS: Twins Thomas and Dominick have always been opposites – Thomas sweet but weak, and Dominick strong but angry.  Together they grow-up with a mother who loves them but cannot stand up to the rages of their ex-military step-father Ray, against whom Dominick feels he alone carries the burden of protecting them.  When Thomas is diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19 and his mother dies of cancer, Dominick remains loyal to his familial duties but his feelings of anger and guilt have increasing impact on his own personal life.  Before his mother dies she hands Dominick the manuscript of his grandfather’s life story – but will it answer any of the questions which plague him?

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White Stone Day by John MacLachlan Gray

DATE FINISHED: March 15th, 2011

RATED: **** (4.5)

SYNOPSIS: In Oxford, a young reverend finds amusement in entertaining his colleagues daughters with riddles, stories and photography. In London, a literally down at heel journalist finds himself investigating a séance only to receive an unexpected message from his deceased brother, followed by finding himself falsely imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. These disparate & seemingly unconnected storylines intertwine into a compelling period mystery.

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Affinity by Sarah Waters

DATE FINISHED: March 11th, 2011

RATED: ****

SYNOPSIS: A visitor to a women’s prison finds herself drawn to one of the inmates, Selina, whose crime is listed as fraud and assault. Selina is a medium, whose trade before imprisonment was ‘dark circles’ in the homes of wealthy ladies. At first cautiously, a strong relationship is forged between the two women, but imagination and manipulation are equally strong powers at play…

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