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the story I make

This is my memory, my own story with pale eyes.  It is simple to tell, the story made for me, the story I make in turn to pass on. Nothing in these pages is lost in sleep, or in a bandage of pain. It is lived out in words and spaces between the lines that are like breath, a life formed as one word comes up behind the other, joins sentences that curve and change and turn back to face me on the page.

from The Keepsake by Kirsty Gunn


The Seas by Samantha Hunt

DATE FINISHED: March 24th, 2011

RATED: ****

SYNOPSIS: The unnamed narrator believes she is a mermaid.  She is also in love with war-damaged Jude who holds himself apart from her.  According to legend, the mortal who will not marry a mermaid will be killed.  She does not want to kill Jude, but words have a way of winning…

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