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The Dream Room by Marcel Moring

DATE FINISHED: May 24th, 2012

RATED: **** 

SYNOPSIS:  Narrated by a 12 year old boy, in a period following WW2, David and his family spend a summer constructing model aeroplanes for their landlord, a toy shop owner.  After hearing stories about his father’s exploits during the war, leading up to how his parents met, the visit of an old friend, Humbert Coe, presents the key to previously unspoken family secrets.

THOUGHTS: This short but poignant novel has the feeling of a fable, Read more of this post


Ceremony of Innocence by James D. Forman

DATE FINISHED: August 31st, 2011


SYNOPSIS:  Hans and Sophie are arrested by the Gestapo after disseminating leaflets they have written denouncing Hitler and Nazi Germany.  Will Hans recant and confess to wrongdoing, or are he and his sister destined to become martyrs for their cause?  Based on a true story.

THOUGHTS:  Perhaps because it is based on the lives of existing historical figures, the characters in this short (young adult?) novel never actually feel very fleshed out or easy to relate to.   Read more of this post