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Dreamland by Tom Gilling

DATE FINISHED: July 28th, 2012 

RATED: ***

SYNOPSIS:  A seven year relationship has washed up to nothing, a career in journalism has been equally lacking in impetus. When Nick, against his better judgment, agrees to lie about a speeding ticket to get an old friend off the hook, he has no idea just how much the incident will change his so-so life. The speeding ticket turns into a fatal hit and run, and with no evidence of his innocence, Nick takes to the road and picks up a stranger’s identity en route.

THOUGHTS:  My main reason for picking up this book was the author – he wrote the wonderfully light historical novel Miles McGinty, and I hoped he might bring a similarly light touch to this mystery thriller, Read more of this post


Mystery Man by Bateman

DATE FINISHED: January, 2012 (catch-up post)             

RATED: *** (3.5)

SYNOPSIS:  The young, witty, reclusive, hypochondriac owner of a bookshop specialising in the crime genre, is dragged into various investigations (mostly against his better judgment) when the detective agency next door never re-opens (under possibly mysterious circumstances).  Add to this an unexpected relationship with the beautiful girl who works across the street, and who knows what might happen next?

THOUGHTS:   The setting in an independent bookshop invites not unwarranted comparisons with TV’s Black Books: very wry, slightly sarcastic, deadpan delivery. Very funny, too.   Read more of this post